Lawyer Giampietro DELL'ELCE
Areas of competence: CIVIL

Born in Silvi (Te) il 23/05/1959. Graduated in jurisprudence near the University of Perugia. Enrolled lawyer to the order of the lawyers of Teramo from 1991 and trained to the patronage in Cassation from 2005. You occupies from iver twenty years by law civil and bankruptcy. Experienced in theme by law of family and in theme of responsibility contractual and extra contractual, in particular way in subject of medical responsibility and accident traffic police kind under the profile of the damage to the person. It lends assistance to different working commercial societies to national and international level. He ha been member of the building errand of the "Comune di Silvi".

Lawyer Antonino ORSATTI
Areas of competence: PENALTY

Lawyer Antonino Orsatti, from over 10 years, develops the defensive activity in the trials penalties for the crimes of general and special part. Particularly way, besides the thematic ones I concern the consequential responsibilities from said crimes, the study develops consultation in subject of crimes foreseen by the law bankruptcy, from the penal right of the societies and from the laws respect the safety and her prevention of the accidents on the job, furnishing models of organization of the corporate body for the prevention of the relative crimes. You furnished, to the conditions of which to the D.P.R. 115/2002, the free patronage to expenses of the state, as well as the carrying out of the defensive investigations.